My Practice filled to capacity several months before the Pandemic began; for these two reasons I am currently NOT  accepting new patients.  Do check back in Sept 2020 for an update.    

Website content was updated in December 2019; changes appear in this green color. 

WELCOME  to the Practice of Cheryl Waskiewicz, APN, specializing in the the care of Attention Deficit Disorders (ADD/ADHD) for adults.  Since starting my Practice in 2003, I have diagnosed and treated over 2500 adults with ADD/ADHD, at first in Connecticut, and since 2014 in Colorado.


New patients must have their first appointment in person on a Wednesday.  My office is located at 190 East 9th Ave, Suite 140, Denver CO 80203 (in the Capitol Hill area).  There is ample metered parking around the perimeter of this building.  Public transportation to Denver is readily available and free with many colleges' College Pass; see  


Following first in-person appointment, telemedicine videoconference appointments are possible, eliminating need for a trip to the office.  

State licensing regulations prohibit clinicians from treating patients residing out-of-State.  Exceptions: college students studying in Colorado are considered residents, and I can treat Colorado residents attending out-of-State colleges.  

My services are private, confidential, and by appointment.  My practice philosophy includes emphasis on patient education and patient participation in defining the plan of care.  I am very cost-conscious, and I embrace technology--- 24/7 make-your-own telemedicine appointments and payments for established patients, HIPAA-compliant email (not phone tag), an electronic medical record, and electronic prescriptions --- to enhance efficiency and economy. 

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