Make Your Own Appt & Payment







Use this self-scheduler IF you are an EXISTING patient.  New patients should email me to schedule an appointment.   


You can pay by credit card, debit card, or direct transfer from your bank account.  


To make payment, click the "Buy Now" button below.  This brings you to PayPal; use the bottom of the Form that says "Pay with Debit/Credit" to use my PayPal account; this means I pay the transaction fees, not you.  


Then enter amount:    $160 for followup medication management service (one-half hour service)

                                         $320 (for rarely needed one hour service) 

                                         $425  for initial 90 minute appointment

                                         $  75  no show fee (if you failed to keep an appointment, or failed to cancel an appt with at leasst 24 hours' notice; pay this before you book another appt)





Once paid, you and I get instant confirmation of the transaction.  Your credit card statement will show charge from  C. Waskiewicz, APN.

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 Link to email:
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