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What is telemedicine?  It is the provision of healthcare services by means of telecommunication, using technology and procedures to ensure services that are clinically sound, convenient, HIPPAA compliant, and cost-saving, as there is no travel time and expense.  

Studies have consistently shown that the quality of services delivered via telemedicine are as good or better than those given in traditional in-person settings.  I conform to the Practice Standards defined by the American Telemedicine Association.


I use a Program called Doxy, which is compatible with your computer, tablet, and smartphone (PC and Mac, Android and iPhone).  You need Chrome (preferred) or Firefox browsers, a camera, and of course, internet access.  If you are having an appointment from your work location, your employer may have erected a firewall, preventing access, so you will  need to go outside.     

After ensuring your equipment compatibility, things get very easy.  Just click on the link for Doxy, which is at the bottom of this and every page on this website, and at the bottom of all my emails to you.  You can test your equipment by using the "Pre-Call Test" button on the lower left side of the home page.  From this page you will be asked to sign in, first name is enough, and you will connect live on camera.  NO downloads, signups, passwords, or logins. 


Try it right now (24/7!)  

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