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Treatment Expectations

>> I am committed to providing you the best possible care.  I believe this happens when you and I work together in a partnership that is founded in trust, communication, and a clear set of expectations we have for each other. 

>>Treatment begins with a careful assessment of your problems and concerns.  After assessment, I will provide recommendations for your consideration.  Always ask questions, and understand why.  A treatment plan is decided on jointly.

>> Once our treatment plan is established, your committment to treatment is important.  This means that you agree to  make and attend appointments per the prescribed frequency, as I cannot legally and responsibly prescribe medication without the opportunity to monitor your status.  This also means that I will expect you to learn about your Condition and self-care measures, as we know that best outcome occurs when patients understand how to best care for their Condition.   Additionally, you will be expected to understand all policies and procedures; some of these are Federal Law, some State Law, some are Pharmacy regulations, some from your insurance company, and some are from me.  Finally, you need a system for managing snailmail, as I mail prescriptions and Superbills to you. 


>>All information is held in strict confidence, with the exception of several circumstances (suicidal or homocidal ideation, abuse, neglect) in which confidence must be broken because of mandated obligations to intervene appropriately.  I also comply with privacy practices required by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). 

>>In the event that I want to obtain additional information or to discuss your case with others, I will ask you to sign a  Release of Information giving permission to obtain/exchange information.


>> Payment is due at time of service by credit card via the "Make An Appointment/ Payment" page of this website.   I do not send bills, as this drives up costs, which ultimately requires fee hikes.

>> Followup appointments can be done in two ways: in-person or telemedicine videoconference.

>In-person appointments must be made through me, so I can factor travel time to my office into my schedule.  These are done on Wednesdays only.

>For telemedicine appointments,  you can make your own followup appointments online via the Make An Appointment page; the scheduling system will automatically send you an email reminder 3 days and 1 day before the appointment.  

>> If you must cancel an appointment, please do so at least 24 hours in advance; you can cancel and then re-schedule telemedicine appointments via the "Make An Appointment" page.   Failure to cancel an appointment with 24 hours' notice will result in a $75 late fee.  To re-schedule, pay the late fee and book another appointment. 




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