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>>The only way to reach me is via email.   


>>Why? Phone calls are not an efficient method of communication, for two reasons:  phone tag (ugh!) and pharmacies' insistence on sending faxes to my cell phone, thus clogging my voicemailbox.  I do have a phone number----(203) 988-7895--- and you may use this if the Internet ever implodes, which has not happened since the internet was launched.   IF this happens, I will check for phone messages.

>>Likewise, do not send me text messages. 

>>  I check for new emails several times daily, including  evenings, weekends, and holidays.  When on vacation, as indicated on the Make Appt and email auto-reply, I check emails once daily.  Urgent matters are attended to very quickly.  Non-urgent matters may require 2-3 days for a reply, depending on my appointment schedule and overall workload.  

>>If you are having a true emergency, proceed to the Emergency Room or Urgent Care Center, where  I can be contacted after your arrival.   



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